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Acrylic Paints

Painting the Earth Green

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About Nature's Canvas

The thoughts of pollution and
the destruction of planet earth are probably not what first comes to mind when indulging in your artistic side.
Harsh chemicals used to produce paint, fertilizer and pesticides in crop production, as well as deforestation to harvest wood are all socioeconomic concerns that led to the creation of Nature’s Canvas. Nature's Canvas is an eco friendly art supply line that enables creatives to engage in art without damaging the planet. Products include watercolor and acrylic paints,
linen canvas’ along with bamboo paint brushes, pencils, recycled newspaper colored pencils, and stone paper sketchbooks. 
All natural, all environmentally responsible.

Image by Rifqi Ali Ridho
Image by Jade Stephens

Nature's Canvas: The Essentials

Nature’s Canvas aims to produce quality products that provides an environmentally safe approach to creating art while preserving the beauty of nature in itself. Which is why we have watercolor and acrylic paints made from earths materials. In addition to paints, Nature’s Canvas seeks to provide a complete environmentally safe line of art supplies including stainable material based colored pencils, pencils, paintbrushes canvases, and notebooks.


Schuymay-Sept 12

Bought the introductory set of 6  watercolors. Clean, vivid colors! Bright and bold. Love them!!

E-ma Shops-Dec 13

The stone paper is like no other. Its silky,  durable, and my pen glides smoothly!

Artgal - Nov 27

I really like these colored pencils! They feel good in the hand,   sharpen easily, coloring is smooth – no dragging or chunks. Very nice item!

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Artist Painting in Studio


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